For Your Mobile

For Your Mobile

This is how to shop when you’re connected.

Check out the newest mobile benefits for your ATIRAcredit Mastercard.  When you’re connected, we’ve got you covered.

Cell Phone Protection Apple Pay™ Android Pay™ Samsung Pay™

Cell Phone Protection

ATIRAcredit Platinum Rewards Mastercard cardmembers are eligible to receive cell phone protection! If your screen cracks and your phone no longer works or your cell phone takes a swim by mistake, Cellular Telephone Protection can help you cover the cost to repair. 

Coverage Information:

  • You must pay your monthly cell phone bill with your eligible ATIRAcredit Platinum Rewards Mastercard in order to receive coverage the following month. 
    • Example: if you use your ATIRAcredit Platinum Rewards Mastercard to pay for your cell phone bill in December, you are eligible to submit a claim in January
  • Covers damage and theft
  • Claim up to $200
  • Deductible per claim: $25
  • Maximum number of claims per year: 2
  • Can cover up to two additional phones if they are on the same bill
  • Can be used in addition to any other cell phone coverage you may have
Click here to file a claim. Certain terms, conditions and exclusion apply. In order for coverage to apply you must charge your monthly cellular telephone bill to your covered ATIRAcredit Platinum Rewards Mastercard. Click here to view Cellular Telephone Terms and Conditions. 

Mobile PaymentsMobile Payments

Making purchases is easier than ever for your ATIRAcredit Mastercard

ATIRAcredit now offers Apple Pay™, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ - no matter which way you pay, you will continue to earn eligible Mastercard Rewards, benefits and security.

Easy Checkout

There is no need to get your wallet out at the checkout line as no physical card is required for purchases! Touching your finger to your device lets you check out quickly with your Mastercard for both in-store and in-app purchases.

Protect Your Payments

When you use mobile payments, your credit card number is never saved or stored. Instead a token is created, replacing the actual credit card number with a special number for making payments with a one-time use security code. If you ever do have fraud on your card, you're protected with Mastercard's Zero Liability protection.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

What devices can I use with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is available on compatible iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch® and Mac® devices. See all compatible devices.

How can I load my ATIRAcredit Mastercard?

  • Choose to load your ATIRAcredit Mastercard through your iTunes® account or; 

  • Add your ATIRAcredit Mastercard just by taking a picture of it or manually entering the card details within the Wallet app

For more information, visit the Apple website

Android Pay

Android Pay

What devices can I use with Android Pay?

Android pay is available to users with Android 4.4 KitKat and above with NFC capable Android smartphones and tablets.

How can I load my ATIRAcredit Mastercard?

  1. Download the Android Pay app
  2. Add your ATIRAcredit Mastercard to the Android Pay app

For more information, visit the Android website.

Samsung PaySamsung Pay

What devices can I use with Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is available on compatible Galaxy and Gear devices.

How can I load my ATIRAcredit Mastercard?

  1. Open or download the Samsung Pay app
  2. Scan your fingerprint and save a pin
  3. Take a picture of your ATIRAcredit Mastercard to load it into Samsung Pay

For more information, visit the Samsung website.

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