We're watching out for you

Fraud specialists are monitoring your account 24/7, using sophisticated tools to catch any suspicious activity. Should we notice anything that is unusual, we will contact you immediately to determine if there are unauthorized actions associated with your account.

Real-time Fraud Text Alerts

When you sign up for fraud text alerts, we will send alerts directly to your mobile phone. Fraud text alerts can help you prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on your card. Enrolling is easy and this service is free.* 

It’s simple. 

  • When a suspicious transaction occurs, a text message is sent to the mobile device you listed at the time of enrollment. 
  • Reply “N” confirming that none of the listed transactions were fraud, and all of the purchases were made by you. Or reply “Y” to notify ATIRAcredit that the listed transactions were not purchases that you made.  
  • If you indicated that the transactions were not fraud, your card will continue to be available for use. If the transaction is unrecognized, we will block usage of your credit card unless we hear from you that the transaction was authorized.
  • If the transaction is confirmed as fraudulent, we may re-issue your account and send you a new card.

Chip Card Technology - A Safer, More Secure Card

Chip card encryption technology (also known as EMV), allows transactions to occur through a microchip embedded in your card. All ATIRAcredit MasterCards have this technology, which is a safer and more secure transaction method than the traditional magnetic stripe. Chip card encryption technology also protects cardmembers by reducing fraud and counterfeiting.

Proven Technology

Chip card encryption technology is standardly referred to as EMV (Euorpay, MasterCard and Visa). This technology began in Europe and is currently being used by most of the world. Implementation of chip card encryption technology has decreased counterfeit fraud by 60-80%**.

Using a Chip Card is Easy

Step #1 Insert your card “chip first” into the chip-enabled terminal. With chip transactions, your card remains in the terminal throughout your transaction.

Step #2 Follow the prompts on the terminal and wait for the transaction to be processed. You may be required to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.
Step #3 Remove the chip card after the transaction is approved when you are prompted to do so.

If your card has contactless capabilities (look for the  on the front or back of your card), simply tap your card on the terminal instead of inserting the card.

Using an EMV Card

Merchants without Chip Card Terminals

EMV cards can still be processed in terminals without chip-reading capabilities.  Simply swipe your magnetic stripe and proceed with your transaction as normal.

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

**Source: MarketWatch, 2014

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